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QV mobile commerce App for your business

Mobile Commerce App for your business:Today, every customer has a smart phone or tablet in his hand. Enter the mobile e-commerce market and sell your products to more customers using our QV mobile commerce app configured specifically for your business.

Your Catalog on Multiple App Stores: We will publish the catalog of your company's products and services on apple app store, windows app stores and android stores (google play store, amazon app store and samung apps).

Generate Leads and Increase Profits: Your customers download this mobile commerce app, browse through your product offerings, add products to the shopping cart and make a purchase by doing an easy checkout. This useful app will enable you sell 24 x 7 x 365 and will help you grow your business.

How it Works:

You provide us with the list of categories, sub categories and product offerings.

You also provide us with product details like text description, images, pricing details as well as videos (if available)

We will build and configure your mobile commerce app and publish it on apple app store, windows stores, and android app stores (google play store, amazon app store, samsung apps)

Using our catalog maintenance module, you can easily maintain your product and service offerings. Alternatively, we can maintain the catalog for you.

Flexible payment options - either pay one time for app development or pay on monthly basis.