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QVprep Apps

QVprep Educational Apps

Since releasing our first app in June 2013, till date we have published over 50 QVprep educational apps which have been published in these app stores: Apple app store, Google play, Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, Amazon app store, Samsung apps and Opera app store.

We have seen a total of over 500,000 app downloads (both free and paid) in a short span of 12 months.

Our QVprep educational apps have been approved for Google Play for Education and Amazon Fire phone.

Platforms: Our apps run on iOS (Apple iphones and ipads), Android (smart phones and tablets) and Windows (Windows 8 phone and Windows 8.1 tablets and PCs).

Learning Apps for K-10: Our apps help learn subjects like English, Math, Science (Physics, Biology and Chemistry) for Grade 1 to Grade 10.

Learning Apps for High School and College students: Our apps for high school students include AP World History, AP World History and College Physics. More apps will be released soon.

Medical Learning Apps: Our medical learning apps include Learn Microbiology, Learn Genetic Engineering and Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Prep. More medical learning apps will be released in future.

MBA Learning Apps: Our MBA learning apps include Learn Marketing management and Learn Human Resources Management. More MBA learning apps will be released soon.